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QUESTION: I am a huge fan. I love Black n Blue. I was never able to get any albums but one because my mother never approved of my love of rock n roll and 80's metal. The real bummer is that my ex boyfriend sold it. You and Tommy are my favorites in Black N Blue. Did I see correctly that Black N Blue has a new ablum? Where can I find it? I hope to hear from you soon - Jade, rock_guitar_girl@hotmail.com

Hi Jade, The new BNB CD is on hold. No release date as of right now, sorry - Jaime

QUESTION: I was a fan of your group. The first three cds I owned were Black n Blue, Nasty Nasty, Without Love. I was looking up ways on the internet to try and buy these three cds. I saw these three cds and a dvd as a box set to purchase I cannot find them again. I need information on purchasing this set. Thanks!
- John, jdjackson01@hotmail.com

ANSWER: John, They made a limited number of the box set so it's a snooze you lose situation. You might try e-bay, good luck, JSJ

QUESTION: I have always enjoyed listening to Black N Blue. I have searched everywhere for tabs to learn some of your music... Are there any published guitar tabs for your early stuff? Miss Mystery, Hold on to 18, etc.... Thanks for the great tunes that still rock.... - Heath, hraulston@austin.rr.com

ANSWER: Heath, not that I know of. Sorry but you'll just have to turn street musician and work it out by ear. Not a bad way to develope new skills my friend! 

QUESTION: Hey Saint, what do you think of TOMMY THAYER pretending to be ACE FREHLEY in KISS??? A cover band is one thing, but being the "SPACE ACE" character in the actual band??? They should give him and ERIC SINGER their own KISS characters and persona in the band. What do you think????? - J.S., JSSUPERHERO@aol.com

ANSWER: Well J.S. Lets see. First off I don't think Tommy and Eric made the decision on that. I have to think that this is what Gene and Paul want. Tommy and Eric are in a great band and it's a well deserved opportunity for both of them. Let me tell you that I really like Ace and Peter but at this point the original make up on the new guys dosen't bother me. It's a rock band for Gods sake. What would you do J.S. if you had the opportunity of a lifetime? Say no because of makeup?  Rock on brother. 

QUESTION: I was wondering if there are any cities in particular that you enjoy playing in?  Are there any that stand out for some reason or another? Also, will you be making any appearances in the New York area anytime soon? - Brian - OzzyBonSixx@aol.com

ANSWER: I love to play live anywhere!!  I do like the off the tracks smaller cities cause they seem to go crazy, but I dig the big cities as well if they are promoterd right. I dont know when we will get to New York yet but I have to think that oue agent is working on it for this summer to back up the new BORN AGAIN CD.  Thanks,  The Saint

QUESTION: I noticed on my old BNB cassette, on the inside liner notes, that keyboards was done on the song PROMISE THE MOON. But that song doesn't appear on the NASTY NASTY release, so where is that song? - J.M.S. in OHIO

ANSWER: Hey J.M.S.  That song was finished bur never used. There is a version somewhere in the vaults at Universal  or Geffen I suppose. It's a forgotten track that was very good. We co-wrote it with Gene Simmons and it was a moody rock song. Not your typical ballad. I have an old cassette somewhere with a copy on it.

QUESTION: Is there still any rare Black N' Blue treats in your vault? unreleased songs,videos,other bands you were in? maybe a release in the future? Keep up the good work! - Anthony, Afton, VA

ANSWER: Yes there is!, Tommy and I might put something out someday that has all the treats. We'll see, and thanks!

QUESTION: What was the most memorable show you did with BnB and why?? - Mark Hypes

ANSWER: Would have to be the show we did a few years ago as a one time deal. It was a benefit show in Portland Or. for our bass players (Patrick Young) brother. He has ALS and is stuck in a wheel chair. Gene Simmons came up to help out. He auctioned off two axe basses. At the end of the day we got him around $30,000

QUESTION: What was your most embarrasing moment on stage? - Mark Hypes

ANSWER: When touring with KISS my mike, stand and monitors got sucked right off the stage before I sang my first note. Some roadie ran my chord under the monitors so when I picked up the mike...bye,bye.  I just started laughing.

QUESTION: Is Warrant or BNB planning to be near my area anytime soon? Vancouver B.C. perhaps? Also are you ever re-releasing BNB merchandise? - Kim Wallace, Kelowna B.C. Canada

ANSWER: I think Warrant will do a tour of Canada next year in support of our new CD "BORN AGAIN" due out in early 2006. I love Vancouver since the days I recorded our 2nd LP (WITHOUT LOVE) there at Little Mountain Studio. Hope to see you and Rachel next year!

QUESTION: Saint, I am a complete loser, but so is my best friend. However, if a girl comes up and talks to him at a concert, he seems to know what to say, and I do not. Got any tips for breaking the ice on my end? - Kelly Perich, Champion, Ohio

ANSWER: Hell yeah, first off, do you look like a geek? Change that. And always have confidence, you are the man. so be the man.girls love that...

QUESTION: Saint, what is the silliest thing you ever did in the middle of a song after forgetting what part of the tune came next? - Britney Newscombe, Bakersfield, CA

ANSWER: I will fall on my ass and laugh... This is rock n roll not brain surgery. It is all about having fun...

QUESTION: Saint, I am planning a trip to Japan. I am in a band and will be scouting out places to hopefully book us. But tell me, what is the difference between American fans and the Japanese? I do not want to go into this blind! - Billy Gransan, L.A. California

ANSWER: The Japanese fans can't speak English, but the girls sure know how to communicate!! Enjoy!


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