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Jaime St. James Answers The Toughest Questions

I am stumped and have been since 1985 on this......on the song Rockin' on Heavens Door - what are lyrics after "rock, rocking on heavens door - it's everything I'm livin for _______________________________________, rock rockin on heavens door???? Thanks!! TW

ANSWER: "when your hot your flammable ...from the horses mouth..."

QUESTION: Hi Jaime, I'm a huge fan!!! I need to know if you played in a Band called the Eaters, Portland Oregon a long time ago? Thanks for your time and can't wait for you guys to ROCK portland again soon!!!! - Matt

ANSWER: No matt, I was never in a band called the "Eaters" I was in alot of bands in those days but I never even heard of them.Thanks for being a fan - JSJ

QUESTION: Jaime, I am a huge BNB fan since the 80s. The only time I had the chance to see you live in Toledo you guys cancelled the show with Lita Ford, so I have missed seeing you. I hope to catch you on the road with Warrant some day or a BNB reunion if there ever is one. Thanks for releasing Rarities I am going to try to order it today either online or anywhere I can find it. Can I assume since you put the demos for Hellyeah on the cd that there never will be a new BNB cd? You guys were the best and should have been huge. Thanks for being such a big influence on my life. - Jay Clark, Springboro, OH

ANSWER: The new BNB CD will see the light of day but I don't know when, but trust me it KICKS ASS! Thanks for writing. Jaime

QUESTION: May I say I think you are a very attractive man and I love Black N Blue, But I was just wondering now you are with Warrant are you planning any gigs in Scotland at all bcoz I'm a huge fan and think it would be the most amazing thing to happen to the wonderful city of glasgow!, lots of love and hugs Lorraine x :D

ANSWER: Lorraine, thanks for the kind words! I do hope Warrant can make it to Scotland at some point but right now we are doing shows all over the U.S. One way or another I'll get there! Jaime

QUESTION: Aloha! As close as I can tell, it's been about a year since your website has been updated. The suspense is KILLING me!! What is up with the new Black N Blue album? I used to see you guys in Portland EVERY show, EVERY time and then I moved to Seattle for 13 years. I've been back in Portland for the last 4 years and keep hoping that I'll hear about a reunion show.
(I guess I missed one in the late 90's) Anyway, I recently found out about and purchased the Collected set and was excited to see a new album in the works. Any info would be greatly appreciated and for the love of God -- a reunion show would be even better!! - With Labansky opening. :o) Whatever happened to that guy? I hope all is well with you & thanks! ~ Danielle

ANSWER: Danielle, I am still working on getting the BNB "HELL YEAH" CD mixed...the suspence is even killing me! Funny how there is a band called HELL YEAH now isn't it?

Jamie, Is there a Black N Blue mailing list? I've been waiting for the new CD and want to be able to get it as soon as it's available. Thanks! - Michael

ANSWER: Michael, There is no BNB mailing list. I will post on my site when I have any news. There is alot finished but it's not ready for release. I want to finish "HELL YEAH" myself here in LA but Jeff Woop Warner has the masters locked up in Oregon and wont send them to me. His reason is that he really wants to finish the CD in his studio (that doesn't exist at this time) and mix it. He is very good and I would love that to happen but the wait is getting to be ridiculous. - Jaime

QUESTION: Hi Jamie, I've been a big fan of BnB since the early days.I still have all of the BAM mags with BnB photos.I got a chance to meet you and Tommy in San Diego when you guys opened up for Night Ranger.And also during some club gigs in San Diego 1985,and recelenty at the Coach House in San Juan Cap.When are the fans going to here LICKITY SPLIT! When is the new BnB album coming out? Thanks. - Rob Ardent

ANSWER: Rob, the new BNB CD might be finished in the new year 2007 sometime I hope. Lickity Split!! thats a rare one for sure! The Saint

QUESTION: Hey Jaime! Did Black N Blue ever record any live shows besides the Tokyo and Houston releases? Kick ass Warrant cd by the way.. Is there a new video? If so were can we see it?? Thanks - Bruce, THEMETALDETECTOR@aol.com

ANSWER:Bruce, We did do a live performance for Showtime. It was called "Rock of the 80's" with Night Ranger and Honeymoon Suite. We did 3 tunes. Hold On To 18, Autoblast and School of Hard Knocks. You can see the new WARRANT video at www.warrantrocks.com - The Saint

QUESTION: Saint, Is there any way I can get a hold of Nasty Nasty? Cassette, CD. MP3...Whatever. I have been a fan of yours since the first album when I was in high school. Any help would be cool. Thanks...Marcus Nichols, johnnyreno@msn.com

ANSWER: Marcus, the best way to find that CD is on e-bay at this point. I just saw that the Box Set is available on Amazon.com but it's a bit costly. Thanks alot, Jaime

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