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"Hi Jaime, I got off to your music some 20 years back when I heard the first B'nB album (still a killer today, btw;-)). I even have that Freight Train Jane CD laying around. I recently got a chance to listen to your album with Warrant, well, makes me feel 20 years younger again (just turned 42). Real cool stuff. Great to still see you being around. Well I gotta go, dinner's ready. Cheers," - Roger (the Hardrockracer), hardrockracer@online.de

"Jaime, Let me start by saying that you are one of my favorite singers of all time and I love your voice. I have been a fan of yours the whole way, from the days with Black 'N Blue to your latest efforts with Warrant. Some of my fondest memories growing up was discovering great new metal music, my older brother and I wore the Black 'N Blue debut album out from listening to it too much. Black 'N Blue was one of my favorite bands in the 80's and I find myself listening to your stuff almost daily still. I purchased the new Warrant album solely based on the fact that I knew you were new lead vocalist, all I can say is take me back to the 80's! I absolutely love the sound man! I can't stop listening to it! I cannot wait for the new Black 'N Blue album and I hope to catch you out on tour. Keep rocking! Your voice sounds better than ever and I am so happy that you are still delivering that classic Black 'N Blue sound for your life-long loyal fans. God bless," - Ken, kknecht@gmail.com

"Hey Jaime, This is the girl that planned her vacation around the Point Pleasant Beach, NJ show. The show was phenomenal!!! Your voice, your stage presence - not to mention the other band members - just blew me away!!! Having never seen "The Saint" live before, I wasn't sure what to expect, but you were amazing. Thanks again for being so personable, friendly and accessible to your fans - It was truly a pleasure to finally meet you!! I hope I can catch another show soon. Keep Rockin'"
- Jeannie, devilsgirl30@stny.rr.com

"Hi Jaime: I have always been a die hard Black´n Blue fan (and especially of yours), I already wrote you before when you had your other website (maybe four or five years ago), and you even put a message on it that read "Rock on Alejandro Romero", I guess you don´t remember but I printed that screen in color and I still keep it and show it to everyone with pride!!!. Since I live in Mexico is not that easy to get all the music in which you had been involved, but fortunately I already have the Black´n Blue collection (the first four albums in Japanese edition plus "One night only", ""Ultimate collection", The demos remastered" and "Live in Detroit"), Freight Train Jane´s "Hallucination" (also Japanese), Warrant´s "Born again", and I´m about to finally get St.James´ "Americanman" (probably next week!!). I recently wrote four reviews at "CD Now" for B´n B´s four wonderful studio albums. As you can see, I have always followed your career because you are a guarantee of great music. B´n B is my favorite band of all time so I really hope "Hell Yeah" can see the light of day (it´s a shame Tommy is not involved on it, at least in the writing process), that would make me really, really happy!! I like Warrant but your addition to the band took them to the next level!!! (all the abum is great but I really love "Devil´s juice" but especially "Hell, CA", those ones have your trademark all over them). I read some of the questions at "Ask the Saint" section, and I really hope you and Tommy can put out soon rare and unreleased B´n B material (songs, videos, pictures), that would be a great gift to all of us, your loyal fans!!!!! Anyway, I know you are very busy now with the Warrant tour, so I just want to tell you that: BLACK´N BLUE ´N THE SAINT WILL ALWAYS RULE!!!!! Keep the great work!!!" - Alejandro Romero, Mexico City

"I just wanted to thank you for hanging out with Nick and myself after your show at Jenkinsons Monday night. You guys really shredded! I went out and got the New CD on Tuesday. It kicks ass. My favorite songs are Roller Coaster and Dirty Jack. Thanks again for your time. Come back to Jersey Soon! Delvis Lives! Thanks,"
- LaDamian Jones, boxedjuice@hotmail.com

"Hi Jaime, I just had to write. I was listening to the "In Heat" CD just reminiscing about the good old days. All my friends and I use to go watch you sing at the Troubadour, The Country Club, The Roxy and The Whiskey etc back in the 80's. We followed you everywhere. We even had Mighty Mouse shirts made for all of us to wear when we went to your concerts. One time at the Troubadour when you were playing, David Lee Roth was there having a few drinks with his midget body guard. That was a cool night to see him there watching you guys play!!!!!!!!! I just wanted to say thanks for the awesome music!!!!!!!! Rock On!!!"
- Madonna,mlbsplace@adelphia.net

"Hey man! I just found a VHS tape I recorded from MTV in 1986(?) and saw the video for BE THERE FOR YOU. It reminded me of what a killer band BLACK n BLUE was! Thanks for deciding to be a ROCK n ROLL Singer (and not a accountant!)
You STILL rock!!!" - Mike
, fairbear35@cox.net

"I was just up at the local store and seen a flyer that said "WARRANT" live at the Shade Gap picnic grounds on July 8th. I about shit. This is a small town and things like this don't happen. Anyways I looked at the flyer and I recognized you but I had to go to the web site to make sure. I was probably around 15 when I got your first Black N Blue album. I remember the "miss mystery" video. It had you singing ontop a jet in a storm I think. I know a few of the guys in one of the opening bands which is "SOS". They are pretty excited to be opening. See you!" Mark Whitsel markyw@innernet.net

"Jaime, love the new album.  Devils juice, dirty jack, bourbon county line and roller coaster are my favorites so far. Love the old stuff but hope you guys play some of the new ones.  Can't wait to until 6/17 when you play rochester.  Nobody ever plays here so it will rock.  Beer, bbq and warrant...stop on in for one.  Anyhow can't wait until the b n' b album comes out too" David davec65@netzero.net

"Black N Blue was one of my favorite bands from the 80's.  All of your albums/CD were awesome.  That was back in the day when every song on an album kicked ass!  From the moment I borrowed my brother's friends 'Without Love' tape, I was hooked big time.  I pretty much wore that thing out before I gave it back to him and bought my own. I see that your putting together a new BNB CD....I can't wait!  I'm looking forward to seeing you guys (Warrant) rock'in on tour... keep it up man!!!" - Jason Braun jasonb27@hotmail.com

"Hi, my name is Jessica and I'm a huge fan of yours from the Black n Blue days.  In fact, i attended one of your shows and got to meet ya, and since it was my birthday I drove 7 hours just to see you, you gave me one of your bracelets, (which i still have, one of my most prized posessions). i (really) appreciate you and your music, and your hott too :-)"  - Jessica Xwykdpiercdbtchx@aol.com

"I'm from Australia. Thanx for signing the 8 x 10 Warrant photo to me my friend Jennifer organized. You've been a huge influence and inspiration for me. Being in a Glam/Hard Rock syle band in Australia (these days) isnt easy, but we have an album out available through Perris Records.If you have any time please swing by www.thedeadthings.com Good luck with Warrant!" Julian, Australia

"Hi, I am Louis Parent and I am 12 years old. Eight months ago, my father gave me a CD of  Warrant for my birthday and never before have I listened this. Since then Warrant is my favorite band. I know that Warrant is a busy group with the 2005 tour... I wish that they will come to Canada in the future..." - QUÉBEC, CANADA

"What a great website man.  I've seen you a couple times with Warrant up at Rockin the hills in ND.  Great shows.  Big Black n' Blue fan too.  Like the new song can't wait for the warrant and the black n blue albums." - davec65@netzero.net

"Is saw you with Warrant in Winston-Salem,NC and before that  I seen you with Black N Blue in Rock Hill,SC when the band opened for LA Guns.I was the guy who sat with you in a white explorer and we talk about BNB and the new cd Hell Yeah. The guys need to get back here soon!!" - Kevin Chambers

"Hi there Jaimi, Marcus here from Holland, Been listening to (and ENjoying) the sound of black'n'blue since the old days (actually the first track I heard was the demo of I'm the King back in '83). I am very happy that finally the first album is out on cd. That album RULES!" - Marcus Amsterdam Holland

"Hey Jaimes ! You´re welcome to Warrant I´m Roberto, from Brazil. I´m Warrant Fan and I hope see you in Brazil quickly. Do you know Brasil ?" - Roberto Sant Anna, Brazil

"I just checked out the Warrant website to see where you guys will be touring in 2006 in support of the new CD. Where the hell is Pittsburgh man?! I saw you guys last year in March at the Pepsi Roadhouse with Firehouse and Great White and you guys fucking kicked ass man. That was a sold out show and I hope you guys come to Pittsburgh again because you have alot of fans that rock out to your music and would love to have you guys back! Thanks man" Jason Morris, Pittsburgh PA


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