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"Man I just had to write as I remember you all from way back in the day. I had the cassette and played it until it died... you opened for Kiss on their aslum tour. I saw you guys in Columbia S.C. and then Charlotte and then Greenwood. I was traveling up the cost and went to 3 shows in 4 nights. You were good very impressive if I recall you had hurt your hand also and it was bandaged up god it is so bad that I can remembe that much. You guys rocked hope you play jones beach some time here in new york would like to see you again. hea the oldies but goodies of the hair bands.. why not all the semi big hai bands get together and hit the amps next year? you gireffia slaughter white lion with the first lead singer and a few others I would of also said warrent but I guess you would not like that much. would be a nice tour to see the bands from my youth.. Nice to see your still around out there.. I know this message doesn't mean alot but just wanted to say something." Thanks, Doug

"Jamie, To this day 25 years later I'm still a huge fan and I want to know if you have anything in the works for a show in the very near future here in Michigan or even Ohio?
Recently I bought all four Black N Blue albums on CD from an independent CD store around my area which they had to order from Japan. I waited 4 weeks for them and each one of them cost me $65.00 a piece but well worth it and my question to you is if you guys still get a royalties on BNB stuff? I certainly hope so because of all the bands in that era you guys where the best and I wish BNB would have received more recognition back then, I mean Nasty Nasty and In Heat have to be two of the best albums ever that didn't get their due in the spotlight. I mean side B (showing my age) of in Heat, assume. Even the first BNB album it's right up there as one of the best first albums of all time and I don't think that album was given it's due and should have sold way more copies than it did. I have only had the pleasure of seeing BNB once in my lifetime and hopefully I'll get a response from you saying that you or BNB or a new project you're working on will be playing Michigan soon and I'll for sure be there, ready to spend some cash on any new material and maybe bring with me all my BNB Records for you to autograph for me as well. - Thanks Saint," Steve Giancecchi

"Saw you with Warrant in North Dakota and thought they finally turned the page...Born again is still in my cd rotation, I know with Thayer being in kiss I may never see you perform again in ND... I want you to know it was the best Warrant I ever saw, and hold on to 18 rocked my ass off...not sure what your plans are and told warrant in a mail they were stupid for wanting to reunite and now a new singer again after I sold a bunch of friends to buy Born Again...looking forward to see you in ND as Black' Blue now someday...just wanted you to know, I think Born Again was the best yet Warrant album....Good health and luck to you ... hopefully see you back in ND...if coming back our way, Email me"...TKS

"Jaime, My name is Joe and I just finished your website. I've been listening to your stuff since Black n Blue. I'm a disabled veteran and I got to see you guys when I was stationed in California. The song Chains Around Heaven was the main song for my wedding in 1987. Anyway, I know your to busy to respond but I just wanted to say thanks. Your music kept this old soldier going through some tough times. Keep on Rockin'. Thanks from a longtime fan." - Joe

"Hey Jaime, I've never sent an email to a "celebrity" b4 but I really wanted to mail ya and let ya know that I really appreciate deeply your contribution to music with black n blue. Back in the early 80's I bought Without Love and had no idea what I was buying but when I heard your voice and the composition of your songs I knew black n blue was something special. Of course, after discovering how great you guys were, I backtracked and picked up the self titled debut album and was not disappointed. I guess I really cant explain why black n blue meant so much to me except to say this...I really believe black n blue was better than 90 % of the other bands that were out there and I always believed black n blue should have been recognized a hell of a lot more than it was. Anyway man, now I'm 38 years old and a father of 2 boys and I'm turning them on to old school black n blue, passing it on to the next gen, right? LOL, so take care of yourself and please know that black n blue will always have a standout place in my heart. Keep the Faith," -Sean Hess

"Hey Jaime, When is the new CD coming out and is it going to be available on iTunes? Jaime you guys rock! Also I was wondering what your future tour plans are and are you going to be close to Oklahoma? I emailed you a few months back and I made it to your website, that Kicks Ass, Thank You! I am a huge Rock n Roll fan and love your band, back in September I had the art work on your 2008 tour shirt tattooed on my right arm, it is cool as hell. Keep Rockin!!" - Alan Ogles, Ada, Oklahoma

"Jaime, Just wanted to tell you how excited I was to finally get to see you guys live. I have been a Black N Blue fan for a very long time, and I thought you guys were awesome at Rocklahoma. I hope to get to see you guys again at the “Rock The Bayou Fest!” Jaime I would also like to tell you that “Born Again” is the best Warrant album ever released and I also think it one of the best rock CD’s released in a long time. I hope one day to meet you and maybe talk some Rock N Roll, Thank You for keeping true Rock N Roll alive, Keep Up The Great Work!" Sincerely, Alan Ogles

"I was just sitting at my computer, listening to B-n-B while I surfed the web and came across your web site. Very well done, others should put that kind of effort into their sites. Anyways, Im not a big e-mail sort-a guy, let alone to people that dont know me, but I thought what the hell. I am a long time fan of your music and being a long time portland area transplant, I have got to see B-N-B live several times. Including the back to back shows at the stary nite/roseland theatre and the halloween show at keylargo. Anyways, I just wanted to drop a line and let you know that you are still beloved here in oregon, and I always look forward to anything that you are involved in. And you even made me a warrant fan for a while. Best of luck to all that you do." - Fan from Portland, OR

"Hey there, it is great to see that you guys are back. I have seen Warrant a few times but was so hoping that I would be able to see Warrant with you on vocals. The Warrant CD was great and was so hoping Warrant came back to Toronto. I've been a fan since 1984 and never got a chance to see Black N Blue. Use to crank my gedo blaster up and walk to school with your first tape on. :) I've been to a lot of concerts over the years but seeing you guys would top it off. Just want to let you know you do have fan up here in Toronto and hope one day see you as 24 yrs and haven’t' given up thinking I just might see Black N Blue in concert!!! Take care." - Shawn Irwin

"Jamie, thanks for all the years of exceptional music! Sincerely, I mean it! Through the years I have loyally supported all of BnB’s efforts including the various live/demo cd’s. I even bought your St. James release (great stuff) in 2003, while I was fighting in Iraq and had it shipped to me over there to cheer me up! Your work with Warrant on Born Again was everything I could have asked for as a die hard BnB fan! You should see my 5 year old and 3 year old daughters singing and dancing to Hell CA, and Devil’s Juice. How that CD did not blow up the air waves is beyond me. That CD had more hooks, and melodic riffs than anything I heard in over ten years. I thought for sure it would have brought you more success. I look forward to the upcoming BnB CD, and tour. I hope you will find your way down to West Palm Beach, FL so I can see you guys live. I continue to carry the BnB torch and have turned on countless BnB fans that have in turn also bought your CD’s. Best of luck to you Jamie! Cheers!" - Matt

"It's my understanding that your focus has turned to Black 'n Blue...one of my favorite bands! I check in frequently to your website http://www.myspace.com/blacknblueofficial and wish you the best and much success. Please keep us informed and come to the San Francsico Bay Area!!"
- Jeff D.

"Jaime, I have been a fan since I first Heard BNB on Local Licks (RIP KMET) in 1982. I 've seen BNB many times at the Roxy, The Troubador and The Country Club. There was also a show at the Pico Rivera Sports Arena that had Steeler, Leather Angel, Slayer and a few others opening. Over the years I've seen literally hundreds of bands perform, but none of them can compare to BNB. I still get a smile on my face thinking back to those days. I still have the set of 8x10 photographs that were sold at the shows before you went to Germany. Keep rockin' " - Kirk

"Hey Jaime just emailing you to say thanks for the 2 awesome shows at the wolf den you guys rock!!!!!!!!! hope you will be back(I have been at all 3 shows) it was cool that you guys came out after the show thanks for the auto's!! one criticism though play more from dog eat dog!!! what about bad tattoo from greatest and latest I love that song!!!" - Craig F

"Hi, Just wanted to let you know I saw you and Warrant perform at Mohegan Sun tonight and you guys kicked ass!! You far exceeded my expectations and thank you so much for being available to meet with fans after the show! PLEASE try to schedule some appearances in the NY or Long Island area in the near future! Thanks! You are awesome!!!"

"Hi Jaime! I saw Warrant in Great Falls, MT and it was just about the best concert I've ever seen! I even met you backstage and it was SO COOL!! Please PLEASE come back to Montana and I'll come see you again for sure!" - Andrea Alfson
PS - I think my favorite Warrant song is "Dirty Jack!"

"Hello, I'm Denise... I think you are truly amazing and I love your music. I went to your show in Fresno and it was awesome that you danced with the girl that jumped on the stage for a few minutes. Wow! You Rock!" - Denise

"Fantastic site ....it really makes us feel intimate...great writing... Love all you do, but no doubt I´m a real Black ´n Blue freak. We actually have had parties held hear in Brazil just based on your songs. I´ve been a hard rock fan since 1973 and have all u can imagine...including loads of bootlegs and stuff. I have always read and been informed of what´s going on with lots of bands. The major mystery I´ve come up is: why/how come Black ´n Blue just simply dissapeard? So many great songs, the stile, the looks, the attitude...Why do we still hear about other less important bands and not from the Portland/Oregon boys? Hope to hear soon on HELL YEAH!!!" - Rock on,

"Hello Jaime what's up? I am so excited about this 3 day festival here in Oklahoma.And I can't believe I finally get to see the Black N Blue frontman.I love Black N Blue I have all the tapes & albums!I recently purchased the Born Again CD and I must say that's the best thing Warrant has put out.Velvet Noose,Dirty Jack,Devil's Juice,Bourban County Line,Hell CA,those tunes ROCK bro!And it looks like this festival is a monster already.Eddie Trunk & VH1 will be there.And I heard the are expecting 50,000 per day and they have sold tickets to 36 other states plus 6 countries.I was lucky enough to get VIP 2nd row tickets for all 3 days.Now all I need is a Warrant VIP pass (hint).Jamie would you give me the pleasure to meet you and maybe even get some pictures with the band and maybe some autographs as well?Please Bro make it happen for this HUGE Black N Blue fan.If not I at least gave it a shot.Does Warrant do any Black N Blue songs at the shows?If so PLEASE do "School Of Hardknocks"&"Miss Mystery&"Hold On To 18"&"Get Wise To The Rise"etc...I love Warrant I seen them every time they came to Tulsa and now they have one of the best voices & frontman in the metal scene!See you in July Bro. Take Care & God Bless"

"Hello for the Black N Blue band, I like your music since the begining fo the band, this time I have buy your entire collection with the live dvd box! It's great!" - Vince from PARIS

"I've been a fan since the beginning and want to say ROCK ON!!! I'm a local Dj in the OKC, OK area and definately represent the Black N' Blue F'n Rocks! scene here. I wish I was still 18 but have been to the school of hard knocks. I just wanna say I love the band and especially the vocals...Hope 2 hear or see u soon!!! ROCK ON!!!" - Jason, KingOkie Productions

"Hey Jamie
I've been a long time Black N Blue fan ever since I seen you guys open for KISS in 1985 ?? not sure of the exact date but it was in Providence Rhode Island at the Civic center. I just recently picked up the new Warrant cd "Born Again " and it is awesome !!!! Man I haven't heard great rock n roll like this in years, I can hear your style all over it. Anyway thanks for putting out such a great record, hope to see you guys soon." - Patrick

"Just wanted to tell you WOW what a great show Saturday night in Minnesota, we drove 3.5 hours from Des Moines Iowa to see you guys since we last saw you was at Waterstock in Des Moines, wish you guys could come back for that, anyways just wondering how to get ahold of all your solo cds? I would love to purchase those! Love your voice sinc BnB, Also the new Warrant cd is the best Warrant cd ever! Kicks ass!!!!! Cant wait to see what 2007 brings! Keep kickin' ass man you guys sounded great!!!!!!!" - Tony Jungweber

"I just wanted to say thanks for taking a few seconds after the show in Fenton, MO to sign some stuff for me. Each one of you were so nice. Its nice to see someone on stage and seem to really be enjoying their job. You are such a great addition to the band! Take care. Thanks again!" - Neil Aycock, neilaycock@yahoo.com

"Hi Jaime,It was great catching up on B&B on your website. I was there from the beginning. The early Chains on Metal Massacre hooked me. I purchased every record yet never saw the band live! Regret! Look forward to the new material. Oh I also have one of your solo albums too! Keep rocking Jaime." - Joe Hoskinson,

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