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Jaime St. James Official Website

Welcome my friends to the one and only Jaime St. James web site where I can babble about anything I choose.

I am the co-founder and lead singer for the great 80’s rock band BLACK’N BLUE!

I was the frontman and party master for WARRANT for four rockin’ summers starting in 2004 and I hope you get some cool incite into Fright Train Jane which I formed in the 90’s and our CD that came out in 1994 is now very rare and goes for around $60.00 on the internet.

I have been playing music all my life. My first band was put together when I was a young seedling of 14 and it seemed to evolve into Jet, (that’s right we were first in 1975) and then into HELL who played the Starwood in LA in 1978, who evolved into MOVIE STAR and on and on...

BLACK’N BLUE was formed in the fall of 1981 but you can read about that on the BNB page. I hope you found this site as a fan of BNB or just 80’s rock in general, but you got here so you must be into Rock’n Roll…my life’s blood…enjoy ya bastards!!!!!

See ya with BNB on the road…The Saint

For a few emails sent in by the fans: CLICK HERE

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